Specialist in :

  • Slipped Disc Surgery
  • Key-Hole Spine Surgery
  • Microscopic Spine Surgery
  • Spinal Pain Management
  • Spine Trauma Surgery
  • Spinal Deformity Correction
  • Paediatric Spine Surgery
  • Vertebroplasty \ Kyphoplasty
  • Disc Replacement

Today, Spine surgery is the most fastest growing superspeciality in medical science.

As an advancement in technologies, imaging and the training, spine surgery is becoming very safe and very much result oriented and with replicable positive successful outcomes.

My journey to Spine Surgeon started with achieving the degree of M.B.B.S. from B. J. Medical college, Ahmedabad in the year of 2000.

I passed my Orthopaedics from N H L Municipal collage and V. S. Hospital, Ahmedabad in the year of 2003; under the guidance of the renowned name in the field of Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery - Dr. Rajnikant Naik.

I started my private practice as a consultant orthopaedic and spine surgeon in 2004. As the time passed in my career, I found myself more interested and leaned towards the field of spine problems, spine surgeries and as physician surgeon.. And since then, my majority of practice was related to spine surgeries. All these things developed more urged towards gaining more and more knowledge and expertise in the field.

And ultimately, in 2008; I went for fellowship in advanced spine surgeries, under Prof. Dr. Med. Jurgen Harms, at Karlsbad- Germany. Prof. Harms is the pioneer in development of concept of segmental fixations in spine. He has developed many instruments and has given many concepts to this field. HARMS CAGES (titanium mesh cages- being used for anterior stabilization of spine) is after his name. I have learned many things being with him; i.e. Segmental Fixation in Spine, Anterior and Posterior Spine Surgeries including Transthoracic, Transperitoneal Lumber, Retroperitoneal Lumber, Surgeries at Thoracolumber Junction by Thoraco-Diaphragmato-Lumbotomy, PLIF, ALIF, Anterior Cervical Spine Surgeries, Posterior Cervical Spine Surgeries including Cervical Laminectomy, Cervical Foraminotomy, Lateral Mass and Pedicle Fixation of Subaxial Cervical Spine, Pedile Fixation of Thoracic Spine, C1-C2 Fixation with Screw and Rod System, Cervico-occipital Fixation, Surgeries for Spinal Tumors, Deformity Correction, Artificial Disc Replacement of Cervical and Lumber Region, etc.

During my stay at Karlsbad, I had got the opportunity to work with Dr. Melcher Robert - the person involved in the development of C1-C2 screw-rod system by Depuy. Being with him, I got a wide exposure of fixation of C1-C2 and Occipit-cervical fixation.

I also got an opportunity to work with Prof. Dr. Med. Michael Mayer, at Munich-Germany. He is one of the best in minimally invasive spine surgeries (MISS) and microscopic spine surgeries in the world. With Prof. Mayer, I have got a very deep sight in the field of MISS, i.e., Microscopic Decompression of Degenerative Lumber and Cervical Spine, Micro-discectomy, Micro-foraminotomy, mini-ALIF, Endoscopic Spine Surgeries, Thoracoscopic Spine Surgeries, Nucleoplasties.

I have also got myself trained in spinal pain management techniques like Epidural Injections, Nerve Root Block, Facet Block, Radiofrequency Ablations and IDET (Intra-Discal Electro-Thermal therapy).